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  • Popular item
  • Large roll up overhead door
  • Spacious interior
  • Extra solid flooring


Our Garage is a heavy-duty structure built to accommodate vehicles and other equipment. Instead of building the floor joist 16” on center as we do for our other sheds, we build it with the floor joist 1’ on center. A large roll-up door allows you to drive your vehicle into the Garage. You can upgrade this door to an overhead panel or overhead insulated panel door.

The standard garage comes with 8’ high walls, a solid 3’ metal door, and two 2’ x 3’ windows. But, you are welcome to customize the garage to fit your needs. See our Options page to get your mind spinning on how you would like the Garage built so that it is just right for you!

Do you need a place to keep your antique car, boat, or SUV? Would you like a mechanic shop for tinkering with old vehicles? Would you like a place where you can set up a woodworking shop? The Garage can serve all these purposes and more! And best of all, you won’t be spending money on a storage unit. Instead, by using our Rent-to-Own plan, you can put monthly payments toward owning the Garage.

We would love to hear from you! Call us at 618-499-5847 to get help for your storage building needs, or find the dealer nearest you by looking at our Dearlers page.

Standard sizes available for the Garage

Click here for complete size and price list for our garage.