Lofted Garden Shed

  • Best seller!
  • Large double doors
  • Spacious interior
  • Large loft area

Lofted Garden Shed

Best Seller!

Do you need lots of storage space but live on a small property? Our Lofted Garden shed has the benefit of lofts that provide extra storage room.

The same attractive style as our Garden Shed, this best seller can be customized to fit your tastes. You can choose from metal, vinyl, or wood for the exterior of the shed. Select the shed and trim color from our array of options!

Would you like to store your 4-wheeler, snowmobile, or lawn mower in the shed? We can build a heavy-duty ramp, making it easy to drive small machinery into and out of the shed. Ask for workbenches so that you have a place for your woodworking and fix-it projects. Use the shed to organize the family bikes and riding toys. Set it by the pool or pond to store all the supplies that go along with a swimming spot.

The options are almost endless. You can order the shed with a roll-up door if you need it for your SUV, car, golf cart, or large riding mower. You can even upgrade the door to an overhead panel or insulated door.

Maybe you are looking for a house or cabin? In today’s economy, many are finding the Lofted Garden Shed a cost-effective housing option. Explore the possibilities today by calling 618-499-5847 for more information, or Click Here to view a list of available options and upgrades.

The standard Lofted Garden Shed comes with two windows and doors on the side. Sheds that are 20’ and longer have standard 3’ x 3’ windows while sheds up to 16’ come with 2’ x 3’ windows.

Have you decided where you would like your new Lofted Garden Shed? We have sheds in stock for quick delivery. Or you can custom order the shed to fit your needs. The convenience of having your belongings stored on your property is worth the money, and with our Rent-to-Own plan, we work out reasonable monthly payments that compare to paying for a storage unit in town. Click Here to find out more about our Rent-to-Own plan!

Standard sizes available for the Lofted Garden Shed

Click here for complete size and price list for our lofted garden shed.