Rent-to-Own Program

photo of Lofted Garden Shed
  • Simple Contract
  • No Credit Check
  • Apply at Shed Dealers
  • Convenient Monthly Payments


Can't afford to pay for a storage building right now? Hilltop Barns offers a Rent-to-Own plan that allows you to pay for your shed in reasonable, monthly payments. If you are already renting a storage unit in town, our Rent-to-Own payments compare to that monthly rental fee.

  • No credit check
  • No credit hassle (If your building is picked up for any reason, no blemishes are left on your credit rating.)
  • Simple contract to fill out
  • Can be completed at your dealer
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Affordable storage with Rent-to-Own
  • No running into town to pick up or drop off your things. It’s all at home with Rent-to-Own!!
  • You can pay off early any time for only the remaining cash price.
  • No Documentation Fees or Credit Origination Fees!
  • Doors can be locked with a key for your protection.
  • Safer - Having your valuables in the backyard is much safer than somewhere in town.
  • Free delivery to your backyard!

With our Rent-to-Own plan, your dream of owning a storage shed or cabin may be closer to reality than you had thought! Rent-to-Own is hassle-free and affordable. You make a down payment. We write a contract "in house." As soon as possible, we deliver the building to the location of your choice.

Instead of renting a storage unit for years and having nothing to show for it, why not invest your money in a storage shed? At the end of the Rent-to-Own plan, you will have a barn that adds to the value of your property. The convenience and security of storing your possessions in the backyard is another advantage of purchasing a Hilltop Barn. Located in northern Indiana, we serve our home area and southern Michigan.