Lofted Casita

  • Standard features:
  • 4' Porch with railing
  • 1 Metal exterior door
  • 4 - 2' x 3' windows

Lofted Casita

We are excited to introduce you to the Lofted Casita, a cozy cabin designed with a covered porch on the side. The walls are 8’ high. The 4' wide porch creates the perfect place to put a glider and relax with your favorite book. Four 2’ x 3’ windows provide pleasant interior light.

The Lofted Casita could be your next hunting cabin - a place to keep hunting gear or brew a pot of coffee on a cold winter day. This little house can be used for guests. Or if you need storage as well as a guest house, use it for both. The large double doors on the end give easy access for putting things into storage or taking them out again, and the 3’ solid metal door off the porch provides a welcoming entrance for your guests.

Do you need a building for your business? The Lofted Casita could be a spacious office for your car lot. Do you need a storage building beside your pool, in your backyard, by the pond, or by your patio? The Lofted Casita is attractive no matter where you place it!

Call us today at 618-499-5847, and we will be delighted to help you build the Lofted Casita of your dreams. We have many options for customizing the Lofted Casita to fit your preferences. Click Here to go to our Options page.

We have Casitas on our lot. If you choose one of these, we will be able to deliver your Lofted Casita faster than you ever imagined! You can also send us a message using our Contact Us page, and we will get back to you.

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